Immersive Travel
Dive Into The World In A Deeper Way

Uncover a world of destinations at a more relaxed pace, giving you time to appreciate the landscapes, culture, and people, by day and night. It's a richer, more immersive travel experience, where you can rediscover the joy of discovery. Book a journey with us and see the difference between traveled and well-traveled.

Group Travel
Group Travel - The Next Generation

TRAVELING WITH A GROUP SHOULD BE FUN AND STRESS-FREE. When you do the trip planning yourself, it can be complicated, time-consuming, and hard to please all. So leave the planning in the hands of a quality group travel agency like us. From small to large groups, we create one-of-a-kind group travel experiences. As a premier group travel company, we simplify all the logistics of booking your group travel and make sure that your journey is customized to everyone’s travel needs and interests, delivering the perfect group vacation for all to enjoy.

Dina Holland, Agency Owner
A small business owner with a passion for travel!

Dina Holland, is the owner of AZTravelClub, LLC. She has been in the travel business for 15 years and obtained credentials and training in the industry’s of Hotel, Vacation Packages, Cruises, Tour Groups, Custom Trips, Group Travel, Airlines, and Excursion companies.